Scholastic Enhancement in the Sciences, Humanities and Social Studies

HPEF funded a trip for seventh graders to Medieval Times; a trip related to the study of feudal systems, including the role of knights, castle life, and the importance of coats-of-arms.

HPEF provided funds for a Community Citizen Science Garden, which will serve as a hub for citizen data collection.

HPEF supported the visit of students enrolled in AP Government and AP US History classes to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City.

​HPEF provided busing for a field trip to the Turtle Back Zoo so that second graders could learn more about animals and their habitats.

Use Of Technology In Education

HPEF enabled the Robotics Team to purchase a 3D printer and laser cutter, equipment that will also be shared with the art and science classes in the High School.

HPEF purchased equipment for the newly created Science and Technology Center -- a place for middle and high school students to design and develop projects to encourage their participation in the many science, engineering and robotics competitions.

Cross-Cultural Enrichment

HPEF supported the Students in Action service club that engages students in community service projects. Leadership, organization, empathy, team building are learned.  

HPEF supported Diversity Day at the Highland Park Middle School; the event focused on respectful expression within a diverse world: identity, the arts, ​and global responsibility.

HPEF partially funded the High School Model UN club’s attendance at the Mexico International Model UN program in Mexico City. Students debated principles of global citizenship and then were invited to serve as ambassadors for the district’s new Rutgers Global Citizenship Initiative upon their return.

Arts Education

HPEF provided funds to purchase timpani for the Middle School’s band program, along with music stands for the Bartle School band.

HPEF supported the Watershed Sculpture Project, which combined art with environmental cleanup efforts in the lower Raritan River watershed.

HPEF provided transportation for students to visit the Museo del Barrio, where they discussed examples of Latino art, and then participated in a workshop to learn how this art is created. 

Staff Development and Resources

HPEF purchased copies of “New Words, New Friends” for each Irving teacher.  “A storybook resource for teachers, librarians and parents to teach young children who speak different languages how to learn and play together.”  Teachers will read it with their classes and use the discussion questions to guide conversation (2017-2018).

HPEF purchased handmade Chair Pockets – places for all Irving students to store their books and supplies in the classrooms.

HPEF purchased document cameras to help support literacy programs at Irving. 

Examples of Grants Funded in Recent Years